AUXILEE Affiliate Program

Refer and Earn

Do you have the attention and trust of small business owners?

We’re looking for content creators, social influencers, mastermind leaders and dedicated marketing partners who want to introduce their audience or clients to our top-tier bookkeeping services - and in turn, earn a substantial passive income.

We believe in the power of referrals and want to reward you for spreading the word about AUXILEE Bookkeeping Services.  Capitalize on the network you’ve grown, help people you serve by sharing our services and earn recurring rewards - even free bookkeeping!

How It Works

  • Sign up as an affiliate: Takes only a few minutes to apply.  You’ll receive a unique referral link you can use to start sharing. 

  • Refer a Friend: Tell your business associates, friends, or anyone who could benefit from AUXILEE’s exceptional services.

  • Share on Social Media or SMS/Email List: Send a referral link to anyone by email, text or on your social media channels - anywhere you’d like.

  • They Sign Up: When your referred friend signs up for a monthly subscription, they join the AUXILEE family and start receiving the very best services out there. 

  • You Earn a Commission: You’ll automatically receive a 20% commission for every successful referral!

Why Become an AUXILEE Affiliate?

Exceptional Services: Your recommendation is a testament to the quality and excellence that AUXILEE delivers.

Rewards for Both: Your referred friend enjoys the rewards of receiving exceptional financial services, and you enjoy the rewards of earning a commission.

Broad Application: Because the majority of businesses need bookkeeping, the Auxilee Affiliate Program is open to a wide range of audiences. Anyone who creates content for businesses can refer including bloggers, influencers, business coaches, and consultants. 

How To Apply

  • Read our AUXILEE Affiliate Agreement (HERE).

  • Register through our Affiliate Portal. Click to Apply Now.

  • If you're accepted, you'll receive an e-mail message from us with everything you need to get started. That's it!

How to Get Started as An Affiliate

  • Review the affiliate terms, then register through our portal.

  • You’ll have access to training and marketing materials to support your promotional efforts. You’ll learn all the best benefits to spread the word about.

  • Post and promote, tell your friends and colleagues about us, and have them mention your name or use your unique referral link so we’re sure to reward you for their referral.

  • Want to go above and beyond...? We are happy to custom-tailor content or work with you to teach and educate your audience on accounting and bookkeeping.  Reach out - we'll work with you.

That’s it!

Terms & Conditions

  • The referred friend must sign up for a monthly subscription of $299/mo or higher and stay as a client for at least 30 days for the referral to be considered successful.
  • Your commission will be paid following each payment from your referral.
  • There's no limit to how many clients you can refer – the more, the merrier!

Earn 20% lifetime commission 

By becoming an Auxilee Affiliate, you gain an opportunity to earn a 20% commission for each client you refer to us - for the life of that client. 

Resources you need to excel

We provide you with the resources and support you need to excel as an affiliate. Marketing materials, training resources, and dedicated 1:1 affiliate support.

Shared Benefits

Promoting Auxilee is a win-win situation for you and your audience. When your audience uses your unique coupon code, they can receive a discount on Auxilee's services. 

Accessible Tracking

With Auxilee's Affiliate Dashboard, affiliates can easily track clicks, signups, and most importantly, their earnings. This transparency allows affiliates to measure their success and make data-driven decisions to improve their strategies.

Broad Eligibility

The Auxilee Affiliate Program is open to a wide range of people, including social influencers, business coaches, EOS implementers, mastermind leaders, and consultants. This means that almost anyone with an audience or client base can begin earning commissions.

Affiliate Program FAQ's

How do affiliates earn commissions?

Answer: Affiliates earn commissions based on 20% of the monthly subscription rate of their referred client.  Example:  New referred client signs up for $599/month subscription, affiliate will begin earning $120/month after the first 30 days

What marketing materials are available for affiliates?

Answer: Affiliates have access to a range of marketing materials, including branded AUXILEE logos, templates for emails, texts and social media posts, plus various graphics.  Custom requests are encouraged as we are eager to support our affiliates in their unique outreach.  Need something special, just ask!

How can affiliates track their performance and commissions?

Answer: We provide affiliates with a dedicated dashboard where they can track their performance and commissions in real-time through the online Affiliate Portal. You’ll be able to see exactly which referrals signed up and your expected commissions and commissions paid. With Auxilee's Affiliate Dashboard this transparency allows affiliates to measure their success and make data-driven decisions to improve their strategies.

What support is available for affiliates?

Answer: Affiliates receive ongoing support through a dedicated affiliate manager who provides training, custom marketing materials, as needed and additional training on new services.

How often are affiliate commissions paid?

Answer: Affiliate commissions are paid monthly following subscriber payments.

Is there a minimum threshold for commission payouts?

Answer: No,there is no threshold.  Any active client paying for their subscription will mean a monthly payout to the affiliate

Can affiliates promote our services on any platform?

Answer: Affiliates are encouraged to promote our services on their websites, social media, private Facebook groups and masterminds. Of course, the more natural the sharing and personalized the message, the better.  There are no restrictions to where an affiliate can promote AUXILEE.

How can someone become an affiliate?

Answer: To become an affiliate, individuals can start by registering on the Affiliate Portal and will be notified when their application is approved, so they can get started sharing with a unique referral link right away.